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-Sarah Stephanou, Gottex Fund Management

Price Guide: What a Load of Rubbish

Our prices start at £100 pounds, and we price all jobs individually to give you the best price we can. That is, if the size of the job is somewhere in between the load sizes listed below, we’re happy to price the job accordingly.

Our prices are based on the greatest of three factors: The amount of rubbish to be removed by volume, the amount of the rubbish to be removed by weight, or the time it takes us to remove the rubbish.

Size Max Volume Max Weight Time to Collect Price (excl. VAT)
Minimum charge £100
1/2 Load 9 yards3 1000kg ( 1 Ton ) 30 minutes £220
Full Load 18.8 yards3 2000kg ( 2 Tons ) 60 minutes £400
Full Load – Hardcore (not bagged) 3800kg ( 3.8 Tons ) 60 minutes £300
Additional charges:
Extra time loading and waiting £120 per hour + VAT
Parking tickets Actual cost
Additional weight £130 + VAT per tonne up to 4000kg
Out of hours £500 + VAT for the first hour,
£120 + VAT per hour thereafter
Out of hours are between 17.00 – 07.00 Monday to Friday, and anytime Saturday & Sunday.
Please note our out of hours jobs do not include a 2nd labourer.
Duplicate duty of care notes £25 each.
Additional charges for Hazardous waste:
Mini fridges / freezers £80 + VAT each
Full size refrigerators / freezers £150 + VAT each
American style double door fridges £300 + VAT each
Computer monitors £20 + VAT each
TVs £20 + VAT each
Air conditioning units £80 + VAT each
Water coolers £80 + VAT each
Mattress £30 + VAT each